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Tuesday, December 5th 2017, 4:12pm

The secret of Magus debunked?


A few days ago, I tried to upgrade a blue weapon to purple and failed 15 times in a row. Each attempt costed 450 k, which means that I wasted like 6.5 million G for nothing. :shock: :shock: :shock:

Yesterday, I bought some random blue items and attempted to upgrade them in order to prove that Magus was bugged/unfair. Surely, the next several tries will produce the same results, right? Except that it didn’t...

I succeeded FOUR TIMES in a row. Succeeding 4 out of 19 times (15 fails, 4 successes) brought the average success rate up to around 26.5%, which means that I cannot make a complaint to Gameforge anymore, since the percentage is no longer unbalanced.


This is exactly how Gameforge convince you spend more rubies: Sometimes, they will secretly adjust the success rate so that you will fail like 8-10 times in a row. You will probably think:” OMG, I should use my rubies to increase my success rate”. And what happens next? You succeed! :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

And what about “stubborn” players like me, who kept trying for 15 times (or even more) without paying a single ruby? Simple. They’ll just let you succeed for like 3 - 4 times in a row in order to bring the success rate back to normal. Doing this basically erases any statistical evidence that Gameforge is manipulating the success rates.


Some people may say that Gameforge is just trying to balance the success rate throughout the entire Server. However, adjusting the success rate without the players’ knowledge is absolutely unacceptable. In addition, every time players complain about it, Gameforge would just use the same excuse: “It’s random chance, so we cannot do anything about it”. Well guess what? It’s not random at all, and they should have done something about it years ago.

It’s time for Gameforge to apologize the players. :grumble: :grumble: :grumble:

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Tuesday, December 5th 2017, 6:28pm

didnt know players where stil using magus after they introdused forging into this game :D