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Monday, March 19th 2018, 10:29am

Interesting facts about Expedition drops

I just found something really interesting while doing my researches on Expeditions. I have very very extensive research into Dragon, the expedition boss in Koman Mountain and Draclich, the boss in Dragon Remains. These are the two final bosses in Germania and your way of living from 112-120 level. Now the item level drop range of Dragon i have recorded on my website as 109-126 and Dracolich's 111-128. And this stayed for quite some time.

However, after i leveled to 114 they both started dropping higher. Both Dragon and Dracolich are now dropping 128 item level for me and the low end of the item level range also increased from 109 for Dragon to 111 and Dracolich's from 111 to 113. So their range is now:

Dragon - 111-128
Dracolich 113-128

That's very interesting that they max item level drop is the same. I will see if that changes on 115. I will soon level up and see if they start dropping 129 or 130. If someone thinks i might be wrong - think about this:

On Level 108 when you unlock Koman Mountain, if Dragon drops a 128 item level, it will be unwearable for a 108 level character... and have you ever seen an expedition mob to drop an item that you can't wear yet? Never. That happens in dungeons but never in Expeditions. I think the game has been designed for Expedition item level drops to scale a little bit with your character while the dungeon ones are fixed.

I have a low character - level 92 who is experiencing the same thing with Cliff Jumper expedition in Africa. Shaman there (the 3rd opponent) now started dropping item level 108 when i leveled up to 92!!!
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Tuesday, March 20th 2018, 7:07pm

Interesting stuff. I had noticed the expeditions dropping the highest level item you can see in auctions but had never figured out the low end range, good to know!


Monday, March 26th 2018, 5:47pm

There we go, i just dinged 115 and both Dragon and Dracolich dropped 131 item level! It really moves up. I can't guarantee if the lower end moved too. I will be on the watch for it, however, they very rarely drop so low so it will take me time.
I have created the best Gladiatus fansite ever with 2018 latest stuff -