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Friday, June 2nd 2017, 1:19pm

Wins in a row

why dont provinciarum fights count in the "fights won in a row" achievements ??


Friday, June 2nd 2017, 6:34pm

Counts only battles in arena/CT on your server.


Friday, June 2nd 2017, 7:36pm

Its quite difficult on a server where you only have 2 ppl you can hit and they are both active and as strong as you are :p

Time for a merge... or make it possible to achieve it in cross server


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Friday, June 2nd 2017, 10:08pm

agreed , merges are needed ASAP , not only servers but also communities
im admin on 3 comms and 2 of them look like resident evil


Saturday, June 3rd 2017, 10:48am

this example by NightSlammer is a good one

even tho that achievement is clearly easiest to complete in 2-9 arena when u enter game, many players dont recognize it, especially on their first aquintance to the game. furthermore, the current game metta is, get lvl 100, and then the game actually really begins! which means if a new player comes along, and plays the game the way its currently meant to be played, the player ends up in an extremely precarious situation.

when on one part its encouraged to lvl up as fast as humanly possible to enjoy all the content that is provided, theres those few little things that make u wish u had spent a whole year in 2-9 league and completed them or u need to get really friendly really fast with a high lvl player that will help u out with 'few M-s'. but once ur that high lvl player urself, as NightSlammer, it becomes an extremely tedious task.

its dangerous to remove items, so u cant enjoy just running through the gauntlet of fighters, u need to sync it exactly with that one player that can give u the +1, then u have to wait 67 minutes or 67+17 minutes for the next hit, one will have to remove a few items again (due to the overwhelming monopoly of RNG), repeat from the point of both players must be online at the same time, must. and on ur avg day one must always keep his gear on, u c i barely crossed lvl 100 mark, got attacked by a lvl 133 full orange lucius with couple of red items (wep,shield and such) in the mix, i got mad at him attacking for me out of blue, started hitting him back, won twice and successfully defended once, so if i can in a lategame situation defeat some1 who is 30+ lvls above me with a rly decent gear .....

i mean, theres just too many things necessary to coincide in order to making it happen at that point in time
and probably only when ALL the other things in the game r done alrdy, players suddenly realize, hey, wins in a row and naked wins, thats a thing ? i get achievement points for that ? whoaaaa ! thats so cool!, oh wait, im lvl 120+ and possibly the only other person in the league has maxed stats, i cant win him naked, ever, how am i supposed to get this done now ?

so yea, to keep the players who r still here, we need to gather them together, have some action, rubbing, bit of salt and drama, few little guild wars after 6 years of drought, yeah, where did guild wars go ?? i miss them heaps !!!!, and ofc also have successes and fight a lot and win a lot cuz theres things happening when theres people playing (not like in where we barely got 30 people hitting during this "war against the Numidians" event)
2 comms of resident evil does not bode well, sir!

Have a nice day all ! ;)
(i know i will, events and 3rd stages winners rewards on hard UW, im on the case ! too bad Champions League Finals is tonight !!! )


Saturday, June 3rd 2017, 2:20pm

i actually do have a techincal question aswell :)

now if i attack everything that moves in my own server, and win in my own league range, and when for farming purposes i attack fighters in next 2 leagues, and occasionally lose there, does the counter reset, or it actually counts only in the 10 lvls range of the league im in.
so i know whether i can keep farming those 10-25 lvls above me or i declare it "a restricted zone" for myself for a while ...

P.S. thank You Toledo for clarification !

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Saturday, June 3rd 2017, 4:04pm

Not sure.. I think its anyone on your server.. you should try it out


Saturday, June 17th 2017, 2:19pm

tested it, only ur own attacks against ur own league range in ur own server count, when ur attacked the counter will not change

so swapping JPs while dropping ur wep for each other and simply attacking eachother while making sure the attacking party always wins, allows u to EVENTUALLY complete that achievement even when theres only 1 player besides u in that arena. now if ur the leader of the server, u have to wait for some1 to join ur league yeah ... and it takes time and oh-so-much patience, buuut its doable

anyway, yeah, the first line is what is important :)


Monday, June 19th 2017, 3:19am

on some occasions it doesnt break the cycle, now when i had 245 hits in a row and i was attacked and defeated, the cycle ended, how come the game treats different characters in a different way ?? like, its rather strange how certain things act in an extremely different way ?

in the light of this discovery, how is this achievement meant to be completed anyway, given the fact in normal arena i can lose to some1 having 285 damage less then me, like, 285 damage, forgive me for being salty here, but i was choosing to attack that target merely for the reason to not be beat, cuz he deals 285 physical damage less then me !!
like, where is the line drawn ? im rather curious and i honestly need help to understand what is happening ...