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Friday, April 13th 2018, 7:29pm

Asking about selling items

If I want to sell items for guild member, is there any range for the price? (lowest - highest)

I need to know about rules like pushing, attacking same target for many times, and other rules relevant to guild too ^^

I'm sorry if there is a place posting those rules, but i can't find it.


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Saturday, April 14th 2018, 12:34am

Hi there Damned!

I believe the best bet would be to reach out to the Game Team via support since they are the pros at the game rules but I'll try to help you a bit on this :)

I don't think there is any range for the price of items anymore.
Rules about pushing/bashing were also removed, there is a set limit by the game itself on the amount of times you are allowed to attack the same player on a day.
I don't think there are any rules related directly to guilds, pretty much all the rules that are forced in the game are the ones on the Game Rules post.


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