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Friday, January 5th 2018, 6:47pm

A pack of Suggestions

Hi, I got a pack of suggestions to make game more playable.

First of all the markets are dead when you consider it 10 years ago. So people can't or don't trade anything. Everyody should find what he wants. And with new updates, on the forge people need tons of forging materials. If you fail once with %78 luck or something you lose all of your mats and all of your hopes. That drives you to make alt+f4 forever from the game.

Reduce required materials on the forge and add some orange-red mats drops on dungeons. Make success rate much more. And that golden forging tools too expensive. Gladiatus was a cheap and fun game to play, not a pay to win. That forging tools makes the game pay to win so make them more cheaper.

Add a button to immediatly sell on the package page for each item. Because that was fun drag items to your inventory and sell them into merchant in 2007 but we are in 2018 and people using one buttoned iphones right now. Everything in life much quicker. And people must take a day break from his job if he wants to clear his 40pages package.

Add much more permanent bag pages. When you added forging materials you should've add much more pages, not just a one more line to pages. Everything in my inventory is like forging materials scrolls and forging help goods. I just got 1 paid-page to use and sell items. When I wrote a ticket about it, answer was " Did you tried to stack your materials". PLEASE JUST PLAY THE GAME TIME TO TIME. OF course I stacked them, are you hiring game support who doesn't played much more than 20hours on game ?

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Thursday, January 11th 2018, 6:57pm

It looks more like a pack of "Complains" than suggestions.

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Saturday, January 13th 2018, 2:42am

Over the years i grew over most of the issues the game has. I think it is a more complete game in the last 2-3 years. It makes a lot more sense believe me. There are core issues that are still around and i am really hoping that someone at Gameforge is working on resolving them. I will try and make a list but not only complain but also give ideas on how to resolve:

- Seems like the fighting system needs improving. The way a fight happens now allows for weaker opponents to beat stronger opponents. A tweak in the formula can solve this

- There can be some fine tuning on the stat prices, especially after the last changes to Charisma and Intelligence. Maybe make them all cost the same? I don't know. Also Strength is still the underdog. Perhaps increase the damage given by strength?

- Forging is the best thing that happened to this game. However, the paid element is way too big. I know it probably made more revenue to Gameforge than anything else combined since Gladiatus release but it feels so wrong. The fact that you can't complete a 100% forge without paying is the first one that strikes me. Seeing those 140+ lvel players with all red gear on their chars + most of their mercenaries, i don't want to think how much money they have put into the game. Hell, i crafted more than 10 times and only got 1 red item and i've spent more money on these crafts and Centurions than all my 13 years of playing World of Warcraft. So basically i've given more money to Gameforge than Blizzard. How crazy is that? I suggest to up the forging success chance to 90% and remove the Gold and Silver clover, leave the bronze clover. Let all the other forging tools remain unchanged. They really look like an additional extra while the Clover is a necessity not an extra. No one is leaving his hard earned red materials to chance, especially when we've all suffered 95% forges rolling the rest of the 5% and losing it all.

- With forging being the only way of gearing yourself in an optimal way, somehow the item hunt from expeditions and dungeons disappeared. Seeing how rare an orange item is and the chance for it to drop the proper armor/weapon slot and for it to drop a useful prefix and suffix? You just can't gear that way! The below suggestions will resolve this once and for all.

- I really think that the game needs more useful prefixes. We basically play the game on 3 prefixes Gaius, Antonius and Lucius and everything else is a vendor item or smelting item at best. Suffixes I can say are ... fine... most of the work is on prefixes. Just create more useful prefixes and remove the insane ones that no one uses, like the ones reducing stats.

- Make the dungeon bosses more fun. Give them higher % drop rate for purple/orange/red. That way people will actually benefit from dungeons. Dungeons are a great idea but they are very obsolete in high levels. A dungeon gives you 2-3 experience and 200 gold even on 120 lvl. Why is that?

- Make expedition bosses more fun too. Give them a boost in % drop rate for purple/orange/red. Actually give the entire game a boost in orange/red drops. They are way too low. I've estimated that the % chance to for an orange item to drop is less than 1% !!! Red is so much more rare than orange that i can't calculate it!

- Leveling is way too slow. On levels above 100, to level up is a lot of the times more than a month! Britannia came to solve the problem with high level players but the numbers there are insane! Last expedition is level 200 to enter. There isn't a single person on Earth that can access this expedition. Even if you get there eventually in several years, is it going to be worth it? What's waiting there? slight increase on exp, gold and honour from the last expedition? I think that the scale at which the next expedition increases exp, gold and honour should be increased. Example: you move on to your next expedition, the mobs there drop only few more experience, gold and honour. And this is happening from low-mid levels to the highest levels.

- Magus is an exciting way to upgrade your items. Make him upgrade to Orange and Red. (confirmed that is being worked on) but don't make him a Ruby sinkhole too. Why not let him upgrade with gold only but with some chance to loose the item... forever. Or make him upgrade to 75% for gold and only the last 25% with Rubies

- We indeed need at least 1 more bag free of charge. There are still plenty that can stay paid

- The amount of items you acquire is just way too big to handle selling it to vendors. I personally stopped because it takes me hours. Yes, I suffer greatly because i am exposed to attacks if i am not online when the package expires but i take it... i just don't have the time to sell them. Either make a button to sell them automatically (but give us a penalty of 10% of the gold for example) or make the slots on the vendors huge so we can sell more at once. (and we need more bag space to do so)

- Make Auction house more fun. I know it can spawn Purple items. Perhaps even Orange, although i have never seen (I play since 2011). Make it that it does spawn Purple/Orange/Red more often. Imagine the bidding and the thrill an orange/red item can produce. Imagine a Red Samnit. Oh boy. I would get popcorn and watch it being bid on in 50mil or so :D

- Make dungeons for Britannia! Make dungeons drop more gold and experience

- Make different type of Mercenaries more useful. Just like the items, we only use 2-3 of them. The rest stay unused. Either tweak their stats or change how high-Dexterity mercs are kings now.

That's what i got so far. Maybe i am forgetting something but it's a long list and it's 3:30 AM! :)
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