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[Game] Game Update


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Monday, October 4th 2010, 6:47pm

The version 0.10 should be implemented tomorrow (Tuesday, 5.10.10).
Time of the update will most likely be around 11:00 (GMT+1) as usual.


Wednesday, January 19th 2011, 4:56pm

Update 0.11.1

Dear users,

Version 0.11.1 will be installed tomorrow .
Approximate time of the update is 10:30 (GMT+1).


Changelog 0.11.1:


Some old Centurio features available for all: highlighting of guild members, ignore function for ingame mails, folders +filters, bigger Familia(10 to 20)

New features added:
- Per activation half a day wages of a stable boy to player and the guild bank.
- 100% health potion (soulbound)
- 3% discount for building upgrades for each centurio member in the guild (max. discount 30%)


Monday, March 14th 2011, 9:19am

v1.1.0 Update Tuesday 15th March 2011

Hi Community

the date for the big update is Tuesday 15th March 2011 change log is as follows



•· Praying and fighting in dungeons at the same time is not possible anymore.
•· After 14 days of inactivity you will receive a reminder mail.
•· The block mechanism has been changed in the whole game, only half the damage is being absorbed now.
•· The formula for regenerating HP has been changed, constitution has a bigger influence now.
•· The rest bonus mechanism has been weakend, it only starts to build up after 24 hours of inactivity (3 hours before)
•· The experience points needed for a player to level up were adapted for players with Level 114 and above.
•· The chance to block a hit, make a critical hit and to crit. heal is limited to 50% now.
•· The chance to avoid a critical hit is now limited to 25%.
•· Formula for resilience, block and critical heal has been changed.
•. Dungeons and expedtions points are generated the same way (1point in 2 hours)

Game World / Travelling

•· The requirements for travelling have been changed, it is now depending on the level of the gladiator.
•· Areas and dungeons also have a level limit now.
•· The areas Italy, Africa and Germania have been re-arranged.

Messages / Reports

•· Some more filters for the messages have been added (level-up, work, item sold, price-gold, praying, new victories, player messages, guild messages, auction house, buddy requests)
•· Number of folders raised from 5 to 9
•· New area for battle reports added.
•· Battle reports are not sent via ingame messages anymore (except guild battle reports)
•· The gained experience as defender in the arena is now shown in the battle report.
•· Honour is shown as reward in the battle report.
•· Draws are marked in orange in the battle report now
•· The gold reward is always on top of the battle report now
•· Font color in the overview of arena and CT reports unitized
•· The order of the battle report entries for absorption of normal and critical hits has been adapted. The absorbed damage is listed first now, then the damage that did go through.
•· The time of the arena and CT fights in the overview includes seconds again.
•· The amount of gold and rubies has now separators in it again (e.g. 1.000.000)
•· "Browse“ function added in the battle reports; you can now switch to the previous / next one directly in the report.


•· The user defined mercenary names stay in the tooltip now
•· The sale of items is not anymore bound to a specific merchant, you can sell everything everywhere now.
•· Mercenary names dont disappear anymore when selling them to a merchant.
•· In the tooltip of food the intelligence bonus is now included in the amount of total healing points.
•· Weapons receive double the amount of damage bonus from pre- and suffixes.
•· New pre- and suffixes have been implemented in all level ranges.
•· Some „useless“ pre- and suffixes have been taken out of the game and won’t be offered anymore in the auction house or merchants. All existing items in your accounts will stay there.
•· The damage and armour values have been revised; through this change the health points should regain importance in the higher levels again
•· The values of the mercenaries have been adopted according to their type
•· The minus heath points have been removed from all items.
•· The formula for the health points of food was changed; intelligence has a greater influence now. The price of food was reduced with this change.
•· The effect of the different qualities (blue, purple) have been slightly changed.
•· Food combinations get double the intelligence bonus.
•· The cake gets a 1.5x intelligence bonus.


•The game interface and startpage were completely redesigned.

•The following informations were added to the top bar of the game interface:

- Expedition points
- Dungeon points
- Circus Turma ranking
- Waiting time for expeditions
- Waiting time for dungeons
- Waiting time for arena fights
- Quicklink to the area in which you did your last expedition.
- Quicklink to the dungeon where you made your last dungeon fight.
- Quicklink to the arena

•An extra button for battle reports has been added to the top bar. You also see the number of new packages, messages and battle reports now.

•There are 3 downloadable wallpapers in different solutions on the startpage now

•Several entry fields (e.g.notes, messages) have been enlarged.

•The length of your text is shown while typing; added to notes, guild and normal messages.

•The majority of popup windows got new graphics.

•A description of the effects of attributes has been added to the tooltip.

•New questsystem added with different quest types
•"Quests" is replacing the old tavern.

•The calculations of the gold loot in the arena was adjusted to the experience points
•The damage absorbed by the armor is now visible In the arena battle report
•There is now an additional Circus Turma attack button next to the normal arena button. If you or the enemy player is not in the Circus Turma the button is greyed out


•The expedition system was completely revised
•Regardless if you are Centurio or not the expedition costs are now 1 expedition point
•Centurios still get 1 expedition point every hour - non-Centurios have to wait 2 hours in order to get one expedition point
•You now have the chance for item drops with the quality level Jupiter (orange) when beating the boss of an area.


•There are two new dungeons in the green forest of Germania; difficulty normal and advanced.
•Instead of being able to choose from 3 difficulty levels for a dungeon there is at least 1 difficulty level for the normal dungeons and an additional one for advanced players (in the new dungeons).

•Certain click areas of dungeons were optimized
•Dungeons can now be canceled and by that be restarted
•The difficulty level of the Grimwood dungeon (level 10) was decreased to make the fighting with the mercenaries more accessible
•Mercenaries that are healers won’t get a presence bonus from your charsima
•The healing caused by presence was reduced drastically
•Special attack ‘negative attack’ ends after n-round and not after n-use


•Some achievements and their groups that aren’t needed anymore after the updates were removed


•The deletion of a guild will happen one week after the guild master hat initiated the deletion.
•A direct deletion of a guild is still possible when a guild master kicks every member and then leaves it as the last one.
•When a guild master leaves the the guild while other members are still in the guild the new guild master will be chosen by the following order:
- Active*, not banned admin with highest honor amount
- Active*, not banned member with highest honor amount
- Inactive, not banned admin with highest honor amount
- Inactive, not banned member with highest honor amount
- After that the same the same manner will be used for the banned members
*Active = online in the last 35 days

•An even upgrade number of the guild warehouse prevented the rights from being updated - now fixed
•The guild deletion function was moved to the guild administration page
•Guild members with admin rights can’t demote the guild master anymore
•Various HTML-code bugs of Vox Logus broke the layout - now fixed
•Added a error message when applying with no text
•Too long guild names and guild homepages are now being wrapped in the guild overview

•3 pacts have now new effects - the old ones weren’t applicable anymore:
- “Blessing of Mercury” doubles expedition boni
- “Secret knowledge of the beast master” increases the learning chance of the expedition boni by 5%
- “Secret knowledge of the artefact collector” increases the drop chance for items on expedition and dungeons by 15%

•The bonus from the “Secret knowledge of the ancients” from the defender will be shown when the defender wins
•Added the description of the Centurio dungeon features.


Important Note :
- Statistics for generated dungeons will be deleted since they are not anymore in the game.
- Quest items will be deleted since quests dont ask for specific items anymore.
- Already started dungeons will be resetted.
- Dungeon points will be resetted.
- "Rest bonus" will be resetted.
- travelling time will be reduced to 0.5 hours (normally 3 hours).
- All battle reports will be deleted (!)
- Ingame messages will be deleted (!)

(!) If you have any important messages or reports, please save them before the update!

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Tuesday, March 15th 2011, 12:39pm

As you may saw, the update was implemented!


Thursday, March 24th 2011, 7:05pm

v1.2.0 - Testserver ( coming here on Tue 05.04 )

Version 1.2.0 is installed only on .DE testserver atm .


  • A link to your profile was added on the overview (below your character), so you can easier show your
    friends your profile.
  • The duration of auctions was shortened to 3-5 hours (before 5-8 hours)
  • Training is now also available during work.
  • In some lower levels you didn't get experience points for some durations of working; now there is a certain
    chance to get experience points.
Messages / Reports
  • Dropped rubies are now shown in the battle reports.
  • Popup for level ups was adde.
  • The menu point "Tasks" is now highlighted when you completed a task. -> "Tasks (x)" will be shown for the amount X of completed tasks.
  • Popups added for the important level ups (Level 2, Level 10 und Level 25), which explain the new available
    functions (Arena, Dungeons/Circus Turma, travelling to Africa).
  • A higher chance for food rewards on tasks was added .
  • Some issues with non-completable tasks fixed.
  • The tasks didn't always refresh after travelling to another country, thisis fixed now.
  • When winning an arena or circus turma fight (within the gold / XP range), you will receive a "victory
  • From now on you also receive experience points in the Circus Turma (with the same calculation as in the arena).
  • A chance for experience points was added to the hourly arena pot reward.
  • The regeneration of expedition points was changed:
    - Centurio players get a point every 45 minutes now (before 60 min.)
    - Non-Centurio players get a point every 90 minutes (before 120 min.)
  • The waiting time for expeditions is now related to the level in the level range 1-7. At level 1 you have a 15
    second waiting time, level 2 = 30 seconds,..., at level 7 it is back to the normal 10 minutes again. This is meant as a
    starting help for new players.
  • When leveling up, all expeditions points are refilled.
  • The regeneration of dungeon points was changed:
    - Centurio players get a point every 60 minutes now (also 60 min.)
    - Non-Centurio players get a point every 90 minutes (before 120 min.)
  • When leveling up, all dungeon points are refilled.
  • The menu point "Jeweller" was renamed to "Premium".
  • The centurio can be found on an extra page.
  • „Secret knowledge of the ancients“ was completely changed: when activated, the waiting time at the tasks is shortened by 50%, and ruby costs for shortening the waiting time was lowered to 1


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Tuesday, March 29th 2011, 7:11pm

A little bit addition to the log:


The missing part is:

* Limitation for training added (5 x own level (but minimum 200) = maximum base)


Friday, April 1st 2011, 11:07am

Update is coming on Tuesday 05.04


Friday, April 29th 2011, 4:18pm

Version 1.3.0 preview

Ave gladiators!

The spring event is over and it was quite a success! We are happy that you enjoyed it and thank you all for your participation.

Of course we were working on more features / changes during the whole time and so we want to present you a little preview on the next update to v1.3.0. All mentioned points should be implemented, but they can slightly change or things can be added, please be aware of that. This is simply meant as an insight for you on what's going on at the moment.

So here is the preview on the changes, below you can find a little statement on some of them:


Preview on v1.3.0


* In battle reports the values of the gladiators are on the same line now for better comparison.
* An error with browsing through Circus Turma reports was fixed.

Auction house / Market

* The nick of a bidder is not shown anymore. (your guild and familia members are excluded from this and will still be shown)
* A confirmation popup was added for immediate purchases at the auction house.


* You receive an additional bag now when you reach level 20. (non-centurio 4 bags / centurio 5 bags).

Arena / CT:

* Circus Turma and the arena have been divided completely. This means they have their own cooldown and 1 hour protection. The entry of the CT is still voluntary.

* The system generated “victory reward” in the Circus Turma is now depending on the number of “killed” opponents and the number of “survivors” in your own group. The better the result is, the more gold you will receive. So if you kill all opponents, but all your mercenaries survive, you get the best possible victory reward. The rounds need to be adapted to this change.

* The behaviour of “direct attention to oneself” mercenaries was adapted, they dont attack the healer right away anymore.
* In the arena you receive honour and in the Circus Turma you will receive fame.
* The description of the Circus Omnipotens was changed to a more detailed explanation.


* Tooltips for the comparison of equipped items are now also working in the bags. In this way you can compare easily your equipped items with the ones in your bagpack.
* Tooltips were added to the areas which show the required level to enter the area.

The header of the interface was rearranged:

* Health points and experience is now shown (with tooltip as known from the overview)
* Honour and fame are now shown in the tooltip of the ranking symbol.
* The arena and Circus Turma have their own cooldown bar now since they are separated.
* Quicklinks are also working when the cooldown is still running.
* As soon as all expedition / dungeon points are used, the cooldown bar shows the time until a new exp. / dungeon point is generated.


* A new dungeon was added at the “Pirate Harbour” (Italy): normal lvl 15 / advanced lvl78
* A new dungeon was added at the “Lost harbour” (Africa): normal lvl 45 / advanced lvl100

Achievements / Victories

* The layout of the victories was slightly changed.

The maybe most important changes will happen in the Circus Turma. As expected the addition of experience points lowered its attractivity quite a lot, and so we need to adapt some things there. The basic 3 points are: more gold through the victory reward, seperate cooldown and a separate hour protection. Additionally some problems with the behaviour of mercenaries will be fixed and the number of rounds needs to be adapted. Concerning the rounds it needs some more testing to tell you exactly what the amount will be changed to.

The other most important additions are of course the next dungeons. As you can see they will cover four level ranges and will also alleviate the expedition /dungeon distribution problem. I can't give you more infos about the dungeons yet, but a spoiler might follow soon.

Due to the feedback of you, the players, we will also decided to add an additional bag to your inventory for players with level 20 and more. So non-centurio players will have 4 bags in the future and centurio players 5 bags.

Altogether there will be quite some changes with the next update, and it might need another while till it is completely finished and gets to the live servers. We hope to be able to tell you a date soon and ask for your patience.

Till then...
Be glorious, be fearless, be THE hero of Rome!

Your Gladiatus Team

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Monday, May 2nd 2011, 3:26pm

addition to changelog highlighted section

- nick of the bidder isnt shown anymore (your guild and familia members are excluded from this and will still be shown)

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Tuesday, September 10th 2013, 11:17pm

update v1.13.0

First community that will be merged: Mexico

Update for the merge (MX): 11.09.2013

Changelog v1.13.0

[Fix] It occured that tooltips were blocked by advertisement

[Update] Preparations for the server merge

[Update] Preparations for the deletion of inactive accounts

[Event] The events that will start after the server merge were implemented


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Tuesday, September 17th 2013, 7:59pm

Update v 1.13.0

Ave Gladiators

with the update to version 1.13.0 we activated a "soft delete" of inactive accounts:

All accounts below level 2 that didn’t log in for the last 6 months got/get deleted

All accounts below level 10 that played less than a week and didn’t log in for the last 6 months aswell

Accounts with rubies didn't get/got deleted!

The start of the "big" deletion of inactive accounts will get announced.

Your Gladiatus Team


Tuesday, October 15th 2013, 9:39pm



It just contains 2 small fixes for the merger:
  • A needless scroll bar was removed from the event display
  • It is possible to attack players with “#” in their nick names again, without getting logged out


Tuesday, October 22nd 2013, 6:39pm



We just installed the above mentioned Version on our Testserver.
If everything running fine, we gonna install it on all Gladiatus servers tomorrow (23.10.2013).

  • New T&C Link
  • Chat will be reactivated
We will inform you as soon as we know if the update will get installed tomorrow or if it get's delayed.


Wednesday, November 6th 2013, 12:21am

Update V1.13.0_Pl7


On Thursday, November 7th 2013, we will update ALL countries to following version: 1.13.0_pl7 Changes:
  • [Merge] Multi accounts can be in ONE guild but they may not trade items over the guild inventory


Saturday, December 7th 2013, 3:32pm


Ave Gladiators!

On Monday 9/12/2013 we will receive a new version v1.14.0 along with all other communities worldwide. With this particular version event Big Saturnalia will be installed completely.

If any bugs occur at that time, please report them to the Game team immediately or at least as soon as possible.

Kind regards,
Your team


Thursday, December 12th 2013, 7:06pm

Hotfix Big Saturnalia Event
Dear Community,


Somehow the game took another loca key for the description of the buffs of the winter event costume -> fixed
There was just a different text for the costume, the buffs will stay the same and the developer changed the loca key.
Kind regards,
Your team


Tuesday, February 4th 2014, 5:45pm

Ave Gladiators!


There will be a small background update for Gladiatus today.

  • Event banner (HappyHour banner will always have the highest priority if there is another event running)
Kind regards,
Your team


Friday, February 28th 2014, 10:45pm


Ave Gladiators!


There will be a small payment update on Monday, with the following change:
  • Technical adjustments of the back-end for the payment, no visible or noticeable changes.
Kind regards,
Your team


Thursday, March 6th 2014, 9:41pm


Ave Gladiators!


There will be a new update today.
It is just a small Bugfix Version:
  • Multi accounts couldn’t get linked with Internet Explorer after the merger happened.
Kind regards,
Your team


Tuesday, March 18th 2014, 6:46pm


Ave Gladiators!
We received new update today


  • [Bugs] [merging]Accounts in multi can pass items in Guild's market
  • [Bugs] [merging] V1.14.2 attack in arena not possible by writting the name
  • [Bugs] New players are unable to train after the Reconstruction event
Kind regards,
Your team