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Friday, April 7th 2017, 5:52pm

Easter Event - Wild Farm

Easter event!

Ave Gladiators!
Spring is on it's way, and the young minds are going a little crazy again. We all know what they are up to, aren't we?
Be prepared to to face Bertha and Babe again. They don't know mercy, and they've already tasted freedom before!

For everybody that wasn't around while the last "Wild Farm" event was going on:
  • Special event points (16 a day) to attack the opponents
  • Cooldown cannot be canceled (5 minutes)
  • Attacking event opponents doesn't affect expedition nor dungeon points
  • Opponents give more gold and XP
  • When all event points are used (16 a day), you'll be able to buy new missions with rubies

In the event location you can again find a new costume:
  • Important: Every first attack after midnight adds to the event costume counter. So everyone can get the costume by attacking on the wild farm ONCE a day! You don't have to win, just hit them with all you got.
  • To receive the costume, you have to participate in the event every day.
  • The costume is again a Event Costume, which just can be worn on Costume events. And Easter event will start during the same time.
  • Completed costume buffs:
    • 20% more Gold in dungeons
    • +5% Chance of finding an item
    • 30% more Gold on expeditions
    • -20% costs in training

  • You can find Golden Rabbits on your event expeditions, that will give you short buffs (same as the event costume)
  • Golden rabbits drop in the event location that work like the snowballs in the Christmas event
  • Cooldown of the event expeditions was reduced to 5 minutes

The event starts on april 10th, at 12:00h (12 PM) german time and will end on april 23th at 12:00h (12 PM) german time, 2017.

Have a great time!

Your Gladiatus Team wishes all Gladiators
a very happy Easter / a wonderful time in spring,
and lots of fun on the "Wild Farm".


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