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Wednesday, January 31st 2018, 1:11pm

"Bread and Games" event: 29.01.-04.02.18

Today messengers were sent out to all provinces by the Emperor to spread the following news:

"Ave Gladiators!
It is time to celebrate again: bread and games for the people!

From the 29.01. – 04.02.2018 you will receive more gold by the audience, you will have to pay only half the price for food, and you can find special drinks on your expeditions and dungeons!
May victory and fame be with you!"

The "Bread and Games" event includes the following:
  • 5x gold from the victory reward in the arenas
  • 2x gold from the victory reward in the Circus Turma / Provinciarum
  • 50% discount on all food (gold and rubies)
  • 6 special drinks:
    • Mulsum – Shorten quest waiting time
    • Rubellum – 1 ruby
    • Vinum – shorten expedition cooldown
    • Cervisia - 1 day of Centurio membership
    • Korma - shorten dungeon cooldown
    • Henqet - 4 wages of a stable boy's work

All the best,
Your Gladiatus Team

May the magic of this earth course through my veins from this day to my last

♥ Thank you Maeve for this present, my lovely girl ♥

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