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Saturday, May 30th 2009, 4:58pm

Game rules Game Rules
The following points will be valid for all Provinces (Servers) listed at If you are in doubt of any of the points below please contact your GameOperator, for example on the IRC-Chat or via the ticketsystem ( ). If you have been banned please do only use the ticketsystem! Note that complaints and inquires regarding particular accounts will only be disclosed to their owners for privacy reasons.
I. Multi accounting
Using more than one account per server as of server merge is allowed. Every user is therefore entitled to as many multy accounts as he wants under these conditions:
  • Both of the accounts have to be tagged as a "Multy" in profile options of each account that is used
  • Every user account which is tagged as a multy is obliged to have the same e-mail address on each of the tagged accounts
Users are allowed to play on their multy accounts under the following limitations:
  • Item trading between the accounts isn't allowed
  • Attacks between the accounts aren't allowed
  • Market or trading via third party isn't allowed (Accounts which aren't tagged, friends accounts, etc.)
By breaching the above mentioned criteria, all of the user accounts of a single individual will be banned accordingly to the punishment law. Note: Players are allowed to join the same guild with all of their multy accounts if the above mentioned criteria is satisfied.
  • I.1 IP Sharing
  • If two or more accounts are
usually, occasionally, or permanently being played from the same network, a Game Operator must be notified without exception. Contacting in this case is done only through the ticket system: Support If you play on a network it is forbidden - under all circumstances - to contact the other account(s) on your IP. That includes, but is not limited to:
  • You aren't allowed to attack the same target within 6 hours
  • You may not trade items to each other
  • You may not attack each other
  • You may not have contact via a third party (Tradings via a friend)
  • ...
It is allowed to join the same alliance if the GO did not explicitly forbid to do so. If players stop playing on the same network, if they change their nicknames or if an account is given away, the game staff has to be informed about that. Otherwise the IP Sharing rules apply as if both accounts are still on the same network. If a player is playing from a place where one IP is used on a massive number of computers (workplace, Internet cafe,...), it is the players responsibility to report the IP sharing and to take all the measures to avoid breaching the IP sharing rules.
Note: If accounts already are on the same IP address, owners of the mentioned should take care that their account settings aren't similar to an excessive extent and/or identical. Same IP address alone doesn't categorize user as a multy, there are several elements which are taken into the consideration for every individual.
  • II. Account Sharing
Each account is entitled to be played by a single player. Note: Whether account is shared with someone (including family members,friends,...) by your knowledge, or without it - it will get categorized as account sharing and banned accordingly. Account privacy is the owner's responsibility therefore, it should be kept safe at all time.
  • III. Account Exchange
Account exchanges within a single world can be done with the assistance of a Game Operator. Account exchanges between 2 worlds can be done with the assistance of a Super Game Operator or Game Admin alone. As every account is entitled to a single owner, with a fixed e-mail address, one has to make a ticket about an exchange from that exact address so that the exchange may or may not get approved. If account exchange is done without contacting the Game team first, no complaints will be processed in those cases. Additionally, any account recovery and/or backup from the Game team won't be available. Account data isn't changed by the Game staff! Exchange is done strictly between the two players who are exchanging their accounts. Game team just monitors the exchange and is here for safety reasons. Once a given account changes its owner, 2 months must pass before it changes ownership again.
  • IV. Level Bashing
Players may attack any player who is in their level allowance up to 5 times a day, the game itself caps the attacks at that limit. E.g. You may receive up to 10 attack per day, 5 through Arena, and 5 through Turma. However, players may attack any other player, who fits in the criteria below, 2 times per day:
  • If Attacker level is 10 levels higher then the Defender's level (Attacker's level - 10)
  • If Defender doesn't give Experience and Gold to the Attacker
Note: First point of the criteria applies to players below level 100, whilst the second applies to players above level 100. E.g. 100 level player can't attack players bellow level 90, more then 2 times per day. E.g. Players above level 100 can attack players who's level difference is lower than 10. (Until they stop giving gold and experience) E.g. If attacker is receiving gold and experience from the defender, he can attack him more then 2 times per day.
  • IV. Bashing Exceptions
Only attacks in the normal arena count for level bashing. Attacks in Circus Turma, Arena provinciarum and Circus provinciarum are not taken into the consideration! There is no obstruction done through Turma, in regards of a player's health. Player can leave Turma at any given time, therefore he can avoid any further attacks. If two guilds start a war, more than these 2 attacks will be allowed. Even more than 5 attacks will be made possible by the game staff after a war got sanctioned. The war will last until a GO reactivates the bashing protection. However it will last at least until the specific conditions of the war are fullfilled. There are certain rules for war declarations, which need to be considered:
  • V. Pushing
Pushing is forbidden. Pushing and Pulling are the same process, just in opposite directions. For the purpose of this rule we will use the term pushing to describe transfer in either direction. Pushing is defined as the transfer of items or gold without adequate reward to the buyer or seller. Under the same category, attacks on a single target which is constantly being raided by the same player are included too. Pushing limitations:
  • Items can be sold for no more than 5x their value.
  • Usables (Food) can be sold for no more then 300 gold, until the 5x value allows the price to overlap the limit.
  • Rare items do not fall into the category of 5x the value rule. Those items can be found here: Rare Items list
  • Buying or selling multiple items to/from the same player that appears to be pushing in the judgement of the GO is against the rules.
  • Buying and upgrading ones equipment through Magus Hermeticus and selling it back is strictly forbidden!
  • Guilds aren't allowed to be sold or bought!
  • There is no pot splitting or anything associated with the gold splitting without adequate way to actually earn that gold. Gold that you win or earn is yours only.
  • There are no services such as mercenaries, auction watchers, or similar actions which are/were payed for gold.
  • Selling and/or upgrading items to obtain unfair advantage using a third party isn't allowed in any scenario!
Pushing exceptions:
  • It is allowed to sell an item way overpriced to save one’s gold. This is known as Banking or Packaging. The gold has to be paid back between 2 exact same players within 24 hours with the same item that was used for the first half of the banking transaction. This is the only banking system allowed. If there is a problem with the bank/package, such that items are mixed up or something went wrong with completing the bank/package, use the support tool to contact the severs GO here->Support . This will help in stopping an unwanted ban.
  • Guild upgrades - only Guild Masters or admins are responsible for guild upgrades. Upon submitting a ticket and GO approval, he/she will have the right to collect all gold and warehouse items from the guild warehouse for the upgrade. Only one person can do this task. (Tickets need details: what costs, what they upgrade, in what time) Any overage collected will be donated to the guild bank.
  • V.1 Warehouse Restrictions
4 Items Per Day [Weapons, Armor, Jewelry, Boosts, Upgrades.] Food can be given to the players without a limit, as it doesn't fall in the above mentioned criteria. Examples:
  • You are allowed to take 1 helmet and 3 pieces of weapon per day.
  • You are able to take 4 mercenaries per day.
  • You may take as much food as your gameplay asks from you.
Note: All of the taken items are STRICTLY meant for your own personal and actual use. If items that were taken from the WH were to be sold without being used at any given time, it will get categorized as Pushing - and banned accordingly to the Pushing rule table. Cleaning the guild Warehouse is an exclusion to the above mentioned. Several things have to be done in that particular case:
  • A ticket has to be made on the: Support
  • A List of all the items has to be made.
  • All of the obtained gold has to be donated to the guild bank, and afterwards a report about it has to be made to the previously written ticket.
Explanation about the Item owner: Any item you remove from the warehouse that you are the owner of, does not count against your daily total. OWNER means that you added the item in the warehouse and you will take it back from yourself. If other player took an item that you added in the warehouse, he is the owner of it. Then if you take the item from him it will count against your daily total. During war time: Usables and boosts have unlimited trading. Guild building upgrades: Only one player will be allowed to take all jewelery from the warehouse, cash it in at a vendor and then donate all gold to the guild Bank for upgrade. Before doing so, he has to send a ticket to the pushing specialist and to inform him about it.
  • V.2. Pushing via Arenas
Transferring high amounts of gold through organized lost battles so that the winner is pushed, is treated as Pushing violation and will be punished accordingly.
  • VI. Bug Using
Using errors found within the game, strange game behavior or bugs for profit intentionally or not reporting a bug intentionally is strictly forbidden and can result in a ban. Exploiting bugs and errors may result with a lesser or higher in-game ban, depending on the severity of the violation. Avoiding bug reports will result in a same scenario as the above mentioned bug exploiting.
  • VII. Scripting
Using a program as interface between the player and his game is prohibited. Any other form of automatically generated information generated for a group of players advantage with malicious intentions is forbidden as well. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Bots
  • Macros
Only exceptions to this are programs that are expressly approved by GameForge. GameForge and the team claims the right to claim the damage done in the amount of damage the is caused, and in addition to the expenses which are done on the Administrative level.
  • VIII. Spam
Any situation intended to saturate a players interface through any method is forbidden. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Personal Messages spam.
  • Advertising other games or content.
  • IX. Content
Anything that causes offense by being of an unacceptable quality that may hurt an individuals integrity is strictly forbidden. The standards in the game environment will be set by the game team to meet the users moral views. Content might be censored, punished in a temporary or permanent basis; as always the final word will be with the game team. Self-censored messages do not prevent the author from being banned. It's up to the Game staff to decide what is offensive and what is to be punished and how. This rule includes, but is not limited to:
  • Personal messages
  • Guild profile descriptions, pictures etc.
  • User profile descriptions, pictures etc.
  • User catch texts
Guild mails are excluded from this rule. Guilds are responsible for the behavior of their members within the guild themselves. X. Language Everything has to be written in English. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Profile descriptions
  • Guild descriptions
  • Ingame messages
Nicks and guild names are excluded from the above mentioned limitations.
  • XI. In-game Chat
  • XI.1 Language
As the official language of the is English, it stands the same for the use of in-game chat. Usage of any other language in the in-game chat will result with chat mutes, and in sever cases even in-game bans! Guild chat channels are excluded from the above mentioned criteria.
  • XI.2 Profanity
In-game chat may not cause any offense to players of Gladiatus by being of unacceptable quality. This is in particular but not limited to:
  • When insulting another user or potential group of users.
  • When foul/Sexual language is used.
  • When a racist statement is made.
  • When extreme political statements or terms are used.
  • The posting of links to improper pictures or websites.
Violation of the mentioned criteria will result with an definite or an indefinite mute from the chat system, or it might result with even an account ban, depending on the severity of the violation.
  • XII. Impersonating Staff
It´s forbidden to name oneself like a member of our staff. This rules does not appear, if the team member joined the team after you created your account. It is forbidden in any way to tell other players that you were a staff member and to try to gain any advantage from it. Any violation against this rule will be punished with a permanent ban.
  • XIII. Refund
If a programming error or a similar type of misbehavior affects a single individual, he is not explicitly entitled to any refunding from the team, or account backup - that is restoring account to the state in which it was before the malfunction. It is also in all cases forbidden to try and change a decision made by a Game Operator, by contacting another Game Operator and asking for a different opinion. Game Operator work can only be reported to a Super Game Operator or higher, in which some cases may end up with a different scenario.
  • XIV. Terms and Conditions of Use
Please read the Terms and Conditions as well. By the above, politics aren't allowed! Morally dangerous, nationally offensive, pornographic or politically oriented nicks, guild names, posts or discussion won't be tolerated in any scenario. Gladiatus isn't a political or nationalistic platform, therefore all of the mentioned are strictly forbidden! Gladiatus team therefore takes the right to decide, in a given situation, how will each individual be treated - depending on the violation. With the T&C mentioned, team claims the rights to:
  • Member of the game team can issue a ban to a single individual indefinitely, that is to a defined period of time.
  • This includes even those accounts which haven't broken any of the above mentioned Game rules, but agreement has been made with the GA of the community, that a ban can be issued.
  • Please, keep in mind that your behavior on the community, irrelevant whether it is the board, game, IRC or any other GameForge service, may result with an permanent or time defined ban period. (On every, or some of the mentioned GameForge services)
  • Ban length can be either longer or shorter, depending on the violation that the individual was found guilty.
  • Terms and Conditions are ABOVE the Game rules.
  • team claims the right to change the Game rules when it is needed to do so. (In an agreement with the GA and the CoMa of the community.)
More explanation on game rules can be found here



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Monday, January 12th 2015, 9:21pm Punishment law

I. Multi accounting:
  • Accounts which aren't tagged and are breaching one of the game rules:
  • 1st violation - Warning
  • 2nd violation - 14 days
  • 3rd violation - 35 days
  • 4th violation - Permanent ban
I.1 IP Sharing rule breach:
  • 1st violation - 7 days
  • 2nd violation - 14 days
  • 3rd violation - 35 days
  • 4th violation - Permanent ban
II. Account Sharing:
  • Permanent ban
III. Level Bashing:
  • 1st violation - 3 days
  • 2nd violation - 7 days
  • 3rd violation - 14 days
  • 4th violation - 35 days
  • Every next violation will result with a 35 days ban, or a permanent ban if approved by GA
IV. Pushing:
  • 1st violation: 3 days
  • 2nd violation: 7 days
  • 3rd violation: 14 days
  • 4th violation: Permanent ban
  • Extreme pushing: Permanent ban
  • In cases which are considered to be extreme, permanent ban may be issued with the first offense made by the player
IV.1 Warehouse restrictions:
  • Same rules as the ones for pushing are applied for any warehouse violation
V. Bug Using:
  • Permanent ban
VI. Script Using:
  • Permanent ban
VII. Message and Mug Link spam:
  • 1st violation - Warning
  • 2nd violation - 1 day
  • 3rd violation - 5 days
  • 4th violation - 10 days
  • 5th violation - Permanent ban
VIII. Content:
  • Insulting/Illegal nicknames:
    • 1st violation: No ban
    • 2nd violation: 3 days
    • 3th violation: 7 days
    • 4th violation: 14 days
    • Every next violation will result with a 35 days ban, or a permanent ban if approved by GA
  • Insult of a staff member:
    • 1st violation: Permanent ban
  • Insulting messages:
  • Light insults:
    • 1st violation: 1 day
    • 2nd violation: 3 days
    • 3rd violation: 7 days
    • 4th violation: 14 days
    • Every next violation will result with a 14 days ban, or a permanent ban if approved by GA
  • Heavy insults:
    • 1st violation: 3 day
    • 2nd violation: 7 days
    • 3rd violation: 14 days
    • 4th violation: 35 days
    • Every next violation will result with a 35 days ban, or a permanent ban if approved by GA
  • Jingoism, Nationalism, Real-life treats, Family treats and similar:
    • 1st violation: Permanent ban
    • Real-life treats do not include comments such as: "I'm going to kill you everyday!", "I will kick you hard.", etc.
  • Insulting guild names (guild founder is held responsible for guild name, text etc.):
    • 1st violation: Warning to the guild master
    • 2nd violation: 7 days
    • 3rd violation: 14 days
    • 4th violation: 35 days
    • Every next violation will result with a 35 days ban, or a permanent ban if approved by GA
IX. Language (Non-English messages):
  • 1st violation - Warning
  • 2nd violation - 1 day
  • 3rd violation - 2 days
  • 4th violation - 5 days
  • 5th violation - 14 days
  • 6th violation - 35 days
  • Every next violation will result with a 35 days ban, or a permanent ban if approved by GA
X. In-game Chat:
  • Non-English messages and Spam:
    • 1st violation: Warning
    • 2nd violation: 1 day mute
    • 3rd violation: 3 days mute
    • 4th violation: 7 days mute
    • Every next violation will result with a 7 days mute, or a permanent mute if approved by GA
    • In severe cases, account ban may be issued following the regular Language ban lengths
  • Insults and Profanity:

    • 1st violation: 3 days mute
    • 2nd violation: 7 days mute
    • 3rd violation: 14 days mute
    • 4th violation: 35 days mute
    • Every next violation will result with a 35 days mute, or a permanent mute if approved by GA
    • In severe cases, account ban may be issued following the regular Language ban lengths
XI. Account selling:
  • Permanent ban
XII. Violation of T&C:
  • Permanent ban